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We are currently focusing on workshops and practitioner training. Weekend workshops integrate practical exercises, bodywork, and traditional Chinese medicine. You can find more information and our workshop schedule here.

We still offer private instruction and bodywork appointments in Fairfeld CT and Lancaster PA to help people address individual needs. You can find more information and hourly rates here.

If you are looking for weekly classes in Fairfield County, you can find a list of local instructors here.

What is Chinese therapeutic movement?

The therapeutic movement arts of China have a 2000-year history and include many methods and styles such as Tai Chi, daoyin, qigong, self-massage (anmo), and bodywork (tuina). The foundation of all these methods is the regulation of breath, mental attitude/intention, and posture. Every technique we teach is gentle and safe, with a low incidence of injury or negative side effects. All Chinese therapeutic movement can be adapted to a wide variety of needs and abilities.

What are our workshops like?

Tim's teaching style has been described as accessible, practical, detail oriented, and playful with an emphasis on directly experiencing the subtle dynamics of traditional Chinese medicine. He has been deeply inspired by his decade of teaching therapeutic movement and bodywork to acupuncture students at the University of Bridgeport. Our workshops are sensitive to the needs and experience of each unique group of attendees. Beginners always discover plenty of accessible exercises and experienced practitioners are always challenged to dig deeper into the practical foundations of the therapeutic arts.

What are the potential benefits of Chinese therapeutic movement?

Tai Chi and Chinese therapeutic movement are commonly practiced to combat the effects of stress, improve posture and balance, and relieve joint and muscle pain. Medical studies suggest benefits for strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health and the immune system. The NIH supports Tai Chi as a a low-impact, weight-bearing exercise that can help reduce chances of falling and safely benefit people with arthritis.

Do we offer martial arts training?

Our focus is health and wellness. At the same time, traditional Tai Chi training is a form of martial arts, as are Baguazhang and Xingyiquan, two of the other arts we offer. In some classes and workshops, we offer instruction in gentle and cooperative partnered exercises that are the foundation of using these arts for self-defense. These exercises provide opportunities to develop effortless strength, whole-body coordination, and sensitivity. No student is ever pressured to participate in any activity with which they are uncomfortable. We do not teach fighting, but facility in these techniques has helped some of our students walk away from potentially dangerous situations.


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