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Baguazhang 八卦掌 (Eight-diagram Boxing)

At an unknown date (possibly the mid-nineteenth century), the founders of Bagua adopted a Daoist walking meditation method as part of a new system of Chinese boxing. Possibly the youngest of the “three brothers,” Bagua is just beginning to enjoy popularity in the U.S., quickly outstripping its elder bother, Xingyi, though not yet rivaling the popularity of Tai Chi practice.

The name “Bagua,” or “eight trigrams,” can be most simply deciphered as a reference to the eight point of the compass traversed during circle walking practice. But though Bagua can most easily recognized by this circling method, as with the long Tai Chi series, this hardly represents its entire training system. However, circling and spiraling movements do form the core of its training strategy to unify a flexible power of the spine with uniquely fluid footwork. More broadly, the term “Bagua” connotes constant but systematic change and adaptability. In self-defense, Bagua emphasizes supple and unpredictable change that evades and subverts any incoming force.

UNIT 1: Postural Alignment and Strengthening (Bagua Neigong)

1 Bow to the Sunrise - 2 Pull the Saber

3 Revolve the Knees - 4 Reverse Pull the Ox's Tail

5 Rock the Baby - 6 Three-legged Tiger

Ten Daoist Exercises: complete set

Mud-tread Stepping

Eight Inner Palms (fixed arm position walking)

Eight Posture Post-Standing

UNIT 2: the Single-change Palm

Single-change Palm: Rise, Up-drill, Fall, Overturn

Standing on the Square: footwork, standing-post

Simple Single-change Palm: footwork, circle walking

Conceal a Flower Beneath the Leaves: basics

Single-change Palm: footwork, circle walking

UNIT 3: the Double-change Palm

Green Dragon Tries its Claws: basics, walking

Pluck the Cap, Golden Pheasant, Purple Swallow, Embrace Moon: repeated series

Double-change Palm: complete series

Double-change Palm: circle walking

UNIT 4: the Eight Mother Palms

(#1) Single-change Palm: complete form

(#2) Double-change Palm: complete form

(#3) Reversing Palm: complete form

(#4) Turning-free Palm: complete form

(#5) Back-facing Palm: complete form

(#6) Triple-thrusting Palm: complete form

(#7) Double-striking Palm: complete form

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