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Xingyiquan 形意拳

Xingyi (pronounced "shing-ee") is a development of traditional Chinese martial arts that emphasizes the development of clear intention, “yi,” directly translated into active form, “xing.” Like the famous Shaolin boxing style, Xingyi is characterized by clarity and directness. Its movements are inspired by the spontaneous action of natural forces (water, wood, fire, etc.) and animals. It strongly emphasizes the practice of tranquil “standing stake” Qigong practice, and in the 20th century, a derivative named “Yiquan,” or "Da Cheng Quan," was developed as a back to basics approach that promoted this practice almost exclusively.

For health promotion, Xingyi practice deeply massages the body tissues. In self-defense, Xingyi is forthright, direct, and elegant in its simplicity, developing a tightly coiled and efficient movement style that attempts to overwhelm any incoming attack virtually head-on.

UNIT 1: The Five Agency Body/Hand Forms

Three Body Posture

Splitting Form

Drilling Form

Crushing Form

Pounding Form

Crossing Form

Five Agency Linking Form

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